Kevin Love and Classical Music Portfolio of violoncello, violin, and timpani perfectly construes Kevin Love's style in playing basketball. Violoncello and timpani performs forcefully, with low and deep sound, and the violin displays Kevin Love's matchless skills. Although he is tall, Kevin Love can still move swiftly under basket while holding the ball, and he can even complete three-point shot. Portfolio of these musical instruments contributes to the unique but amazing sound, just like Kevin Love's spectacular skills in playing basketball.
Marbury Meets DJ Marbury's basketball skills derive from street basketball, which is also the source for Hip Hop. Thus, DJ performance is right the musical genre tailored to Marbury's basketball style. Marbury has precise basketball technique, and he moves swiftly and nimbly, which is very cool. As we know, DJ performance is diversified, and its rhythm is sometimes fast, and sometimes slow, but the pace sounds sturdy and powerful. Both right happen on a unique roof playground that is surrounded by city buildings and the skyline, conveying a free and unconstrained atmosphere. How exciting it is!
KEVIN LOVE BOOTS The Union Rebounder
MARBURY BOOTS All-Star player
BASKETBALL WEAR The Union Rebounder
Its own playing style Accurate backboard or jump-shot masters, PK in the playing style in 361°Basketball Carnival, Marbury or Kevin Love will be selected as the tutor. Interactive challenge to seek its own playing style.
2013 361° Basketball Carnival Since Oct. 13th, 361° Basketball Carnival will be held in Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan and Zhengzhou to conduct PK with Marbury Team and seek its own playing style.
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